Wednesday, July 18, 2018
  • Friday, Apr. 9, 1999

Sitting down to family dinner is, for many households, the one chance to take a breather from a hectic day and catch up on what's really important. Unfortunately, there are some whose priorities are a little off-kilter as demonstrated in a two-spot campaign devised by Boston ad agency Ingalls to promote Price Chopper Supermarkets.

In a :30 entitled "Brownies," dad is at the dinner table, oblivious to a string of disturbing revelations related by his wife and kids. The son says that he's been expelled from school for cheating on a math test. The daughter casually notes that she's moving to Oregon to join a cult group. And the Mrs.-a stereotypical suburban housewife-reveals that she has lost the family savings in a pyramid scheme.

Fixated on the meal before him-including meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn and squash-the father doesn't even acknowledge the disclosures by his son and daughter. But upon hearing news of the pyramid scheme debacle, he drops a plate that lands on the dining room table with a resounding thud. However, just when you think he's going to hit the ceiling, dad explains his abrupt action with the query: "Do I smell brownies?"

The ad ends with a voiceover that exclaims: "Price Chopper. For People Who Love Food."

Running in upstate New York and the New England area, "Brownies"-which broke in February-is part of the first branding effort for Price Chopper since Ingalls became the agency of record in September '98. The Ingalls ensemble consisted of creative directors Rob Rich, art director Jim O'Brien, copywriter Brian Hayes and producer Jeannie Priest.

"Brownies" was directed by Chris Koch of Konk, New York. He was backed by executive producer David Kerwin who also line produced the spot. The DP was Matt Williams.

The spot was edited by Alan Morris of Invisible Dog, New York. Online editor on Softimage|DS was David Meaders, also from Invisible Dog. Caryn Elakman produced for Invisible Dog. The colorist was Victor Mulholland of Post Perfect, New York. Hans Ten Broeke of Bark, New York, served as sound designer and audio mixer.

-Millie Takaki