Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • Friday, Apr. 9, 1999

Prairie Pictures, Arlington, Texas, has acquired 35mm footage of the recent Spencer, S.D. tornado for its StormStock library. Shot by Prairie's Martin Lisius, the images feature the nearly mile-wide storm as it destroyed the town of Spencer. Other recent StormStock acquisitions include footage of tropical storm "Frances," several Great Plains supercell thunderstorms, a behind-the-scenes look at storm chasers pursuing their prey, as well as additions to the flash flooding, lightning, tornado and hurricane categories....Energy Film Library has opened an office in Milan, Italy. Energy Italia's primary focus is to service the production and postproduction houses, ad agencies and corporate accounts that are currently in and around Milan. The office consists of CEO Laura Ronchi, manager Stefano Fantoni, and sales manager Fabio Valentiand....Arlington, Va.-headquartered Henninger Media Services and Dallas-based The Image Bank (TIB) have entered into an agreement whereby Henninger now provides direct access to the library of motion images in TIB's collection. The postproduction facility maintains a master file of the TIB collection, which is stored in digital Betacam format.... Oddball Film+Video has formed an alliance with Kinotek Inc., New York, to provide streaming video images for its online internet magazine program, Film Bytes, a weekly series that explores the changing climate and evolving state of motion picture and TV media. The San Francisco-based Oddball has also been busy supplying a montage of images that include a surrealistic "hamburger car" and a duo of zany "airdevil" skydivers for a national Fruitopia spot; historic technology footage of early electronic experiments for the PBS broadcast of Transistorized, a documentary exploring the origins of the electronic age; rare erotic animation for Suzie Bright: Sex Pest, a profile of the "sexpert" author, produced by the U.K.'s Rapido TV; and archival fan dancing footage for Massachusetts Peabody Essex Museum's history exhibit, for broadcast on WGBH-TV, Boston....