Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016
Superlounge Diversity Awards go to Marsh, Archer
Jordan Brady directs Dodge for Doner.

Winners have been announced for the inaugural Superlounge Diversity Award. Due to overwhelming submissions by accomplished filmmakers, Los Angeles-based production company Superlounge decided to send two filmmakers--Monty Marsh and Kristyna Archer--to Commercial Directing Bootcamp, December 3, in Los Angeles. “Both Monty and Kristyna display a keen proficiency in short form visual storytelling that I know can be channeled to make great ads,” said Superlounge director Jordan Brady, who launched the Bootcamp this year, holding sold-out seminars in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin and Dallas. 

In response to the lack of female, minority and LGBT directors at the helm of filmed advertising, the scholarship was launched by Superlounge to help expose these filmmakers to the insights offered by the successful seminar. Filmmakers’ reels were judged on the following criteria: Quality of storytelling; need for exposure to industry, tools & information; and passion for making ads.

“While others talk about the diversity problem, we are attacking it, one filmmaker at a time,” Brady said. With nearly 1,000 national TV commercials to his credit, and counting, the director feels an obligation to share what he’s learned. “Yes, we live in a world of tighter budgets where everyone is a ‘filmmaker’,” he said. “But the path to a healthy industry is openness, mentoring and an embrace of community. There are no secrets in a shared economy.”

“I’ve been a longtime listener of Jordan’s podcast, and was instantly on board the moment I saw he was doing a workshop,” said filmmaker Jeff Hoferer, who attended Brady’s first LA bootcamp. “He did not disappoint. I’ve never met a director of Jordan’s caliber who’s so willing to share insight into the industry he works in. It’s truly refreshing.” Another alum, Brian Petcher, became a 2016 Cannes Young Director Award nominee after attending the NYC bootcamp and applying techniques and advice learned.

Inspired in part by Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School, which is about “a way of life” as opposed to technique, Brady’s bootcamp is not a film school, “although we cover film craft,” he said. “This is about how the business works, how to approach filmmaking for commercials and how to make a living as a filmmaker in advertising.” While the advertising landscape has experienced tremendous upheaval amidst a recession and the digital revolution, Brady points out that the needs of brands--and their expectations of filmmakers--remain the same. “Especially in today’s world, becoming a successful commercial director begins with learning how to become a good one,” he observed, “and to whatever extent I can nurture that, I’m happy to do so.” If Brady holds any concerns at all about sharing too much of that secret sauce, he’s not letting on. “Look, no two directors are alike,” he affirmed. “I know, because I’ve bid against both of them.”

Superlounge maintains a directorial roster consisting of Brady, Daniel Sheppard, Brett Wagner, Barton Landsman, Jeff Aron Lable and Jeannette Godoy. The company is presided over by executive producer/partner Dave Farrell and EP, national sales + marketing Vicki Ordeshook.