Friday, April 20, 2018
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016
Brett Easton Ellis' "Figaro" Wins Gold At Kinsale Shark Awards
A scene from Brett Ellis Easton's "Figaro," a short film produced by The Devil You Know.
  • DUBLIN, Ireland
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Figaro, the short film written and directed by Brett Easton Ellis, has won Gold at the Kinsale Shark Awards for International Branded Content and Entertainment. The Devil You Know produced the film for the Paris Opera, part of the Opera’s Troisieme Scene (Third Stage), a digital platform that gives creatives a chance to showcase their work. Launched last year by Dimitri Chamblas as part of the ballet direction of Benjamin Millepied, it has already hosted films helmed by directors, photographers, and artists.

Figaro’s debaucherous and playful style is very much in keeping with some of Ellis’ best- known works such as American Psycho and Less Than Zero. In the short film, all set to music from “The Barber of Seville,” a nervous young opera singer (played by actor Philip Rhys) loses his voice during an opera audition. He’s excused, and leaves the building, and goes off on a bender of spectacular proportions, a night involving heavy drinking, car theft, sexual trysts of multiple kinds, fighting and more. Next day, he turns up again at the audition looking wild-eyed and debauched. The finish does not disappoint.

The Devil You Know is the Santa Monica, Calif.-based production company that is also home to directors Ben Younger (Bleed for This, Boiler Room), Cokau, Alex Hanson and Nan.