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  • Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016
Animated Storyboards launches ASB Games
Omer Qayyum (l) and Max Phillips (Likenesses created by an ASB Games artist)
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International animatics shop Animated Storyboards has launched a video game art division, ASB Games. The new venture will be led by Animated Storyboards staffers Max Philips and Omer Qayyum, who are both avid gamers. ASB Games will deliver a carefully curated network of artists with talent in a wide range of styles, ranging from photorealistic environmental work to highly stylized character art. The artists will work with seasoned in-house creative directors and producers, leveraging the global infrastructure that Animated Storyboards has established with its 10 offices and nearly 300 full time in-house illustrators, designers, directors, producers and 2D and 3D artists.

ASB Games continues the diversification efforts of Animated Storyboards. Since opening in 2001, the company has expanded beyond its core business of animatics for the ad industry to include such services as audio & casting, creative direction, storyboards & artwork, 3D/2D animation, green-screen, motion graphics, design, global versioning and editorial.

Animated Storyboards founder Ezra Krausz noted, “As a company, Animated Storyboards is always on the lookout for a new business sector to apply our established expertise. We firmly believe in growing the company from within and I am very excited to have Max and Omer bring their enthusiasm and vitality to this new direction for Animated Storyboards.”

Added Philips, “There is a higher demand than ever for new content in the gaming space, with titles launching constantly. The model that Animated Storyboards has refined for the advertising space is something that can seamlessly be utilized for video games, bringing our unprecedented speed and accomplished artists to projects of any size and scope.”