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  • Monday, Oct. 9, 2017
Yard Dog Lands Directors Serota, Hedin
Henrik Hedin
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Directors David Serota and Henrik Hedin have joined Yard Dog for exclusive representation in the U.S. Serota had previously been handled by production company GARTNER while Hedin gains his first career affiliation in the American ad market.

Serota’s credits include commercials and branded content for American Express, UPS, Levi’s, Participant Media, United Health Care, International Medical Corps, Chevron, The Nature Conservancy, Marriott, JP Morgan Chase, Starbucks and Patagonia. The Swedish-born Hedin has helmed international campaigns for Volkswagen, Volvo, Burger King, Etisalat, Rewe, Grolsch, Bosch and the Swedish amusement park Gröna Lund (which won an IAAPA Brass Ring Award). 

Serota specializes in telling real stories about real people as well as scripted work that’s meant to feel real. A graduate of Los Angeles Film School, he first garnered attention when his short film won the Really Real Shorts Award at SXSW in 2007. He has since produced numerous short films, documentaries, branded content and commercials centering on heartfelt stories of the human experience. Notable credits include the film series We Are JP Morgan Chase¸ conceived by mcgarrybowen. In a production that spanned the U.S. and Europe, it captured true stories of the bank’s employees and customers.

“I believe in directing campaigns that reflect the values I live by,” Serota said. “The ones that put an importance on things like family, friendship and adventure but also themes like one’s ability to persevere, where you discover strengths you didn’t know you had. They provide me with opportunity to seek what’s real inside of me so that I can craft a story as authentically as possible.”

Yard Dog partner/ executive producer Joe Piccirillo said, “David is a storyteller with a lot of heart and an uncanny ability to capture unaffected, genuine performances from talent.“

Henrik Hedin
Hedin began his career directing short films and music videos and got his start in commercials via Flodellfilm, Stockholm. Since then, he has directed commercials for agencies across Europe. His work is distinctive for its cinematic quality and larger-than-life feel, often accompanied by a comic twist. A prime example is "Next Time, Send Flowers" for Sweden’s Interflora. In it, a man goes to elaborate lengths to prepare a Valentine’s Day surprise for his girlfriend, including disrobing, only to have her arrive with her parents in tow.

As a bonus feature, Hedin directed several short films that expanded on the scenario from the Interflora ad. The 15-second films became very popular on Instagram and other social platforms. 

Hedin applied a very different style of storytelling to a campaign for eyeglasses maker KlarSynt. It features lifestyle scenes of people in natural and home settings that make subtle allusion to the value of eyesight. “Our aim was to show, in an epic and poetic way, the diversity of people who depend on glasses,” he said. “It became a journey through Sweden. You get to know the characters and you instantly understand who they are and what they value.”

Yard Dog partner/EP Beth Pearson said, “Henrik is a young star with polished skills and a great sense of humor. The range of his work and his passion for what he does is inspiring.”