Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Friday, Jul. 29, 2016

The invigorating new thriller "Nerve ," now playing in theaters, goes deep into the psychology of the internet with an addictive game that's so fresh, you wonder whether the filmmakers had a tip that the Pokemon Go craze was on the horizon.

In the film, based on the 2012 Jeanne Ryan novel...

Thursday, Apr. 23, 2015

Last week on A&E network fyi (formerly Bio), the series Arranged debuted, the first of 10 episodes looking at three different arranged marriages in America. Either planning or about to get married in episode one, the protagonist couples are:...

Tuesday, Apr. 8, 2014

Taco Bell is taking another jab at McDonald's in a new ad for its breakfast menu.

The fast-food chain has begun airing a TV spot that is set to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" and shows a man who has been eating Egg McMuffins since 1984. After...