Friday, September 21, 2018

The Perfect Guy

Wednesday, Sep. 23, 2015

The Perfect Guy made an auspicious debut, topping the weekend (9/11-13) box office with nearly $27 million. The early returns are all the more impressive considering the Sony/...

Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2015

The top films at the box office over the past five weekends have included a music industry drama, a faith-based family film, and a romantic thriller. All had primarily African American casts and all at least doubled their modest budgets in their opening weekend....

Sunday, Sep. 13, 2015

"The Perfect Guy" and "The Visit" sailed past modest opening weekend expectations — and budgets — locking in debuts in the mid-$20 million range thanks in part to good timing and robust female turnout.

"The Perfect Guy," a PG-13 rated thriller...

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