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  • Friday, May. 20, 2016
Street Talk for May 20, 2016
Director Andrew Hardaway

Bicoastal production company Honor Society has signed director Tim Abshire for U.S. commercial representation. With a character-driven approach to storytelling, he has helmed work for brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, PlayStation, ESPN, Febreze, VW, Taco Bell, E*TRADE and Kia. Abshire’s signature comedy dialogue style has earned him Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show Pencils, PromaxBDAs, and ADC Cubes. Abshire began his career in the on-air promos department of MTV. He quickly amassed a diverse skillset as a director, writer, editor and creative director while working on celebrity-filled campaigns for all of the network’s major shows. After 6 years of creating content and commercials for MTV, he shifted his focus to commercial directing, working with agencies around the globe on branded campaigns. Abshire comes over to Honor Society from Rabbit....L.A.-based production/post studio Golden--founded by Matthew Marquis and Jake Banks--has added director Justin Harder to its roster. Harder is a versatile maker who possesses an invaluable background in design; he will serve as both a commercial director and a creative director at Golden, and will continue to helm both the animation and live action spots for which he has become known. Harder had previously been repped by PRETTYBIRD in addition to a number of European companies. Although his reputation is grounded in motion graphic and live action spots, Harder continues to draw and derives deep satisfaction from designing a good logo; in fact, over 40 of his original designs are showcased in TASCHEN’s Logo Design Vol. 2. Recently, Harder designed and animated a vibrant montage to capture “The Story of Millennials” for Hulu....NY-based creative production company Derby has signed director Andrew Hardaway whose credits span such brands as HP, Lexus, Nissan and VW. For the latter, his “Moving Cities” work garnered a gold medal in execution from the Art Directors Club....