Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Street Talk for February 17, 2017
Director Dean Freeman

Celebrity photographer and filmmaker Dean Freeman has joined CoMPANY. Son of Beatles photographer Robert Freeman, Dean is probably best known for his “freestyle” pics of David Beckham and a lauded worldwide branding campaign (both stills and spots) for Haagen Dazs.”

atSwim has signed director Ben Tedesco whose brand of storytelling is featured in spots for Chevrolet, Dodge, Colorado Parks and Hooters. He gained inclusion into SHOOT’s 2014 New Directors Showcase....

On the heels of director Daniel Brown helming Wendy’s amusing first-ever Super Bowl spot, production company UNHEARD/OF has officially staked its banner in both Atlanta and Seattle. Formed in partnership with Alan Nay and his postproduction outfit World Famous, UNHEARD/OF launches with a focus on live action carrying a growing roster of emerging and established directing talent. Matt Ackerman is co-founder/EP of UNHEARD/OF which maintains a directorial roster consisting of: Minneapolis native and editor-turned-director/DP Matthew J. Clark, short film and commercial comedy director Jacqueline Dow, Effie and Cannes Lion-winning filmmaker Joe Vanhoutteghem, LA-based Jonny Zeller and the aforementioned Brown, who’s brought his storytelling to projects ranging from music videos for the likes of Odesza to spots for Beats by Dre, Microsoft, CitiBank, AT&T, Fox, and Sundance....