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  • Wednesday, May. 18, 2016
Smuggler Signs Director Christopher Hewitt
Christopher Hewitt
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Director Christopher Hewitt, formerly of Knucklehead, has joined the roster of Smuggler. Among his notable credits are campaigns for Audi, Dunlop, Infiniti and Intel.

Born and raised in Northern England, Hewitt is a film director with a background in photography, graphic design and animation. He is currently in the process of putting together new collections of his photography work. And his latest project, Tomorrow Today, is a short film exploring war, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and ghosts.

Patrick Milling Smith, co-founder and managing director of Smuggler, said, “Chris has that rare ability to create a world of truly arresting, original and beautiful tone to his filmmaking.  He is a director of absolute class with nuance and craft elevating all he does.  He is one of the most interesting, exciting and captivating talents in cinematic storytelling today.  He’s also good people and true to all he puts his mind to.”