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  • Friday, Oct. 27, 2017
Short Takes for October 2017
Steve Vranakis
Rodeo Show Cleans Up With Musical Fare

Venice, Calif.-based production company Rodeo Show and director Sarah Chatfield pay homage to the musical romcom La La Land in a rhythmic new spot for PINALEN® Multipurpose Cleaner out of Cavalry.

The melodic spot features a one-woman dancing number as she twirls, mops and prances through several colorful rooms that represent the multi-purpose cleaner’s six vibrant scents. The spot was inspired by La La Land, bringing colorful visuals and a vivacious and animated spin to some of the most mundane activities, like cleaning in this instance. To create a seamless and fluid visually-driven performance, the entire dance sequence was shot in one take.

Author Jeff Gorman Tells Ad Biz Story
Jeff Gorman, an internationally known, award-winning advertising writer, creative director and TV commercial director, has written “Last Stop Before the Sphincter,” a book containing 40 stories about what he experienced first-hand in advertising. It gives the reader a realistic, inside look at the ad biz from the mid-1960s to the present, shedding light on those who are the drivers of American consumerism.

Gorman made his first industry mark as an agency creative in Chicago and then moved to the West Coast, most notably working for Chiat\Day where he created Nike’s first consumer ad campaign--acclaimed outdoor, print and television work created for the 1984 Olympics. Among the commercials for this campaign was a blockbuster entitled “I Love L.A.” which used Randy Newman’s song and video. It was the first time a music video was adapted for use as a commercial. Gorman also conceived all of Michael Jordan’s first Nike TV commercials, including one he directed entitled “NBA,” that elevated Nike’s new basketball line into prominence. He also created the lauded print campaign for L.A. Eyeworks that has run for more than 30 years featuring celebrities that ranged from Andy Warhol to Elton John.

Gorman then turned director and formed Johns+Gorman Films (JGF), a TV commercial production company based in Los Angeles. The express purpose of this new endeavor was directing spots with “great, simple concepts.” Over the years, JGF became internationally renowned for producing award-winning comedic commercials.

People On The Move....
Steve Vranakis, executive creative director at Google’s Creative Lab, has begun his tenure as president of D&AD. He will act as a global voice for excellence in design and advertising, championing D&AD’s mission to stimulate a fairer, more diverse, properly gender-balanced, and therefore more robust industry, in the pursuit of groundbreaking creativity. Harriet Devoy, creative director of design, marketing communications at Apple Europe, has been appointed deputy president. D&AD has also announced the establishment of a global advisory board. Each year D&AD appoints a president from the board of trustees to further the organization’s mission and shape the conversations for the year ahead. An integral element of D&AD’s strategy to promote inclusion is New Blood Shift, a free night school aimed at providing creative education to a more diverse group of people. The program is in its second year and helps young creative minds outside the traditional education system get an industry foothold....