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  • Friday, Aug. 5, 2016
Nonprofit 1,000 Days, barrettSF Launch “Grumpy Babies” Campaign To Ensure A Healthy Start For New Moms And Their Children
1,000 Days petition can be found at
Nutritional effort on Facebook gives babies a voice and a healthy start
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barrettSF launched its first campaign for 1,000 Days, an NGO dedicated to improving nutrition for expecting mothers and children. The multi-component digital/social effort will run on Facebook and centers on the recently released “Baby Anthem” video.
The narrative of 1,000 Days’ creative comes from the infant’s POV and centers on the rather novel concept of babies advocating for babies. barrettSF created four activations to convey a compelling story as static images, video and user-generated content help present the inner monologues of babies.
The campaign kicked off earlier this month with “Grumpy Babies,” a set of memes that serve as teasers for the anthem. Each of the static ads pairs a closeup of an adorably perturbed cherub with a come-on caption like “I’m not teething you” or “Stop jiggling your keys in my face” and links to the 1,000 Days information and petition site. “Good nutrition in the #1,000 days between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s second birthday sets the foundation for all the days that follow.”
Staying true to the Grumpy Babies theme, the Baby Anthem video combines humor with universally relatable baby moments to show that every infant deserves a fair start. Stills from the spot will be selected for future static ads.
“One-third of the world’s population is malnourished,” commented Todd Eisner, creative director at barrettSF. “Unfortunately, one-year-olds have a hard time articulating that need. Our idea was to help them find the words.”
Other Facebook elements include Toddler Translations, in which users can submit scribbles and finger paintings and have them (comically) analyzed, and customized posts, in which the Grumpy Babies personalize snarky comments for the Facebook pages of influencers.
The advocacy organization was born at the State Department five years ago as the brainchild of Hillary Clinton. Now an independent group, the goal of 1,000 Days is to educate people and influence policymakers by driving public support to its petition.


  • Client: 1,000 Days - Lucy Martinez Sullivan - Executive Director
  • Agency: barrettSF - Jamie Barrett, executive creative director; Todd Eisner, creative director; Conor Duignan, head of broadcast production; Emily Brody, account manager
  • Production: Even Odd Films - Clayton Worfolk, director/editor; Tyler McPherron, director of photography; Malcolm Pullinger, executive producer;  Kimi Milo, line producer
  • Color: Mission Film & Design - Ayumi Ashley, colorist
  • Music: The Music Playground (Track - Bright Moments - The Sailor) - Eric Hillebrecht, VP/creative director
  • Mix: One Union|- Matt Zipkin, sound engineer