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  • Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016
Little Minx Signs Directorial Duo The Salto Brothers 
Louie Salto
  • SANTA MONICA, Calif.
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Little Minx has added directing duo The Salto Brothers to its roster of filmmakers for the U.S. market. Brothers Jesse and Louie Salto have been directing together for 14 years, having started working together in their teens. 

The Salto Brothers joins Little Minx after having directed numerous spots worldwide.  With childhoods spent in the U.S., U.K. and France, their work evolved with a global polish and they have shot extensively all over the map, proving adept at meshing live action and VFX. The duo is also well known for their car ad fare which spans such brands as Audi, Mazda, Chevy, Toyota, Citroen and Nissan. For the latter The Salto Brothers are currently shooting their ninth project. Their visual storytelling acumen is also evident in pieces such as The Island, a fresh and vibrant take on lifestyle.

“Above anything, what’s important to me when I review a director is my emotional response to their work,” said Rhea Scott, founder of Little Minx. “Then it is my connection to them as people. With Jesse and Louie, I knew that we needed to work together and I fought hard to make sure that we did.”

What sets the Salto Brothers apart is how hands on they stay throughout the filmmaking process, through editing, VFX and coloring.  They can also divide and conquer into separate units that allows for them to cover more ground on set.  Both of them can also add the invaluable stills component to the overall package. 

“I feel we found a new home in Little Minx and more than just a producer in Rhea,” said Jesse Salto. “We’re really excited to get down to work with the team and the reps.”

“We’re stoked to start this new chapter in our career, together with Little Minx and Rhea Scott--taking it to the next level as we explore a variety of formats in advertising, music and fiction,” said Louie Salto.