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"How A Single Piece Of Paper Can Change A Family's Life," #HiddenPotential
"How A Single Piece Of Paper Can Change A Family's Life"
Univision in collaboration with Wondros shows what life is like in the US for documented and undocumented families
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Daily routines can differ widely depending on a family's legal status in the United States. That's the premise of the interactive video titled, "How a single piece of paper can change a family's life" produced by Univision in collaboration with Wondros.  Directed by Shane Vales of Wondros, the video opens with a father waking to begin looking for work.  While his wife prepares breakfast in her uniform their daughter asks if she can go on a school field trip.  The video can be watched in English or Spanish and viewers can click on the "documented" and "undocumented" buttons to see the very different parallel versions highlighting how different life can be for a family depending on their legal status. 

When asked by SHOOT what attracted Wondros to the project and would there be futher collaboration with Univision, Jesse Dylan, Wondros founder and creative director on the project, responded, "Wondros is committed to examining all kinds of societal inequities. We have great regard for Univision and It has been a wonderful collaboration. Together we can amplify messages about combating inequality, which is even more important in today's climate. We are discussing additional  projects that explore themes of democracy, justice, and fairness." 

According to information on the Univision site where the video plays more than 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States with the largest populations in California (2.4 million), Texas (1.2 million), Florida (925,000), New York (750,000) and New Jersey (525,000). Undocumented immigrants account for 3.5% of the total U.S. population. More than 8 million undocumented workers contribute more than $13 billion in social security taxes each year.  One study found that if Congress passed comprehensive immigration reform, undocumented immigrants would pay an additional $109 billion in federal, state and local taxes over a decade. Reform would also lead to $606 billion in contributions to the Social Security system over 36 years and would reduce the deficit by $820 billion over the next two decades.
(Statistics Sources: Center for American Progress, Social Security Administration and Pew Research Center)



  • Client: Univision
    Kevin Mills, Vice President of Digital Strategy; Almudena Toral, Creative Visual Manager; Selymar Colon, Managing Editor and Senior Director of Digital 
  • Production/Post - Wondros
    Jesse Dylan, Creative Director; Priscilla Cohen, Senior Executive Producer; Shane Vales, director; Danny Grunes, Director of Photography; Zoe Shepherd, Camila Fernandez, producers; Chiara Towne, Sara Worth, writers; Jeremiah Blue Swan, Gretty Camaraza, editors; Jun Shimizu, assistant editor; Jeremiah Blue Swan, Sound Designer; Charles van der Poel, Colorist

The video can be seen on the Univision website and followed on Univision's Facebook page & social channels, #HiddenPotential.