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  • Wednesday, Jun. 14, 2017
The Famous Group Signs The Queen For Spots, Branded Content
Directorial duo The Queen consists of Crinan Campbell (l) and Dan Lumb
  • CULVER CITY, Calif.
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Directing duo The Queen--consisting of Dan Lumb and Crinan Campbell--has joined bicoastal The Famous Group for spots and branded content in the U.S. The Queen just wrapped its first job for the production company, a comedic campaign for YETI coolers and jugs out of McGarrah Jessee in Austin, Texas. 

The project started with the agency enlisting The Queen’s help with some single take videos showing off the product’s superiority. The directing duo ending up shooting 10 scenarios: five with the YETI Hopper and five with the YETI Jug against the competition. What started as a social media campaign for the YETI website expanded into a spot campaign. “It was really important that every test be 100 percent real and fair, which is one of the reasons it was crucial to shoot each test in one take--to show that there was no trickery involved and no unfair advantage given to the YETI product,” said David Kwan, managing director of The Famous Group. “What The Queen did for YETI and the agency in terms of choreographing each test was unique and fun.”

The Queen specializes in short films, commercials and online branding content. Other recent work includes projects for AARP, Virgin Media, Samsung and Made.com. The directing team was previously handled in the U.S. by production house No Smoke.

Both Lumb and Campbell describe The Queen as a tale of two London flatmates starting as editors and later re-connecting as directors. Five years ago, their film on the plight of an illegal immigrant--titled Extranjero--took the Sundance Film Festival/London by storm, earning the best short film honor. The work started rolling in. “We’re like an old married couple that can finish each others sentences,” said Lumb. “We started directing separately for a bit, then decided it was more fun to work together. We have similar tastes and know what we want. There’s really two ‘looks’ we go for, one is a more run-and-gun, observational style and the other is visual tricks. Both are grounded in heavy art direction.”

Drawn to The Queen’s visual storytelling approach, Kwan related,  “Dan (Lumb) and Crinan (Campbell) bring a kinetic energy to their work through the use of inventive and dynamic in-camera effects.”