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  • Monday, Feb. 29, 2016
Director Travis Hanour Joins The Cavalry Productions
Travis Hanour
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The Cavalry Productions, under the aegis of executive producer Ross Grogan, has signed Travis Hanour to direct commercials and select branded content work. Hanour continues to serve as creative director at ad agency Cinco Design in Portland, Ore., where he’s conceived of and at times gone on to direct varied projects, including assignments for Nike, EA, Microsoft, Smith Optics and Intel. Hanour has connected with Cavalry to extend his directorial reach to different clients, agencies and narrative opportunities while he remains available at Cinco to helm projects in which he’s had a creative hand.

Hanour’s industry roots are in animation and design as he got involved in motion comics, helping to create a new animation form via Double Barrel Motion Labs in Portland. He then went on to serve as co-founder/creative director at design/creative studio Finn, later landing at Cinco where he brought his expertise in art direction, concept development and branding strategy to content for clients ranging from EA Sports to Intel, Anki, Gorgoro and Monster Cable.

Hanour’s visual sensibilities honed in animation and design can be seen in a music video he directed for Bethel Music that features a ballet dancer lofting colorful Holi powder during her performance. The record label came directly to Hanour to direct the piece which plays like a choreographed piece of art bringing the Bethel collective’s track “Seas of Crimson” to life from their new album “Without Words: Synesthesia.”

“My work is purposeful, it cues from a design background, a sense of strict composition and use of negative space,” said Hanour. “But my work also has cues to more authentic and freeform lifestyle. Obviously it depends on what the brand wants to communicate, but my personal aesthetic tends towards the austere. My background in design taught me there’s no accidents, you handcraft every visual and put every element where it needs to be.”

Cavalry EP Grogan said, “Travis’ unique balance of pristine visuals and nuanced storytelling has made him one of the most promising newcomers in the industry--a visually stunning director with a design background. Add his extensive agency experience which gives him a polished understanding of the advertising world, and you have what it takes to be the next big success.”

Cavalry is the second production company to represent Hanour. He was earlier handled by Republic Content. Hanour joins a Cavalry directorial roster which includes Marc Klasfeld, Rojomotorz, Steven Ada, Christophe Navarre, James Wahlberg, Henri Barges, Kevin Berlandi, Stephen Schuster, Doug Bernardt, Didier Canaux, Chris Delaporte, Cecile Boisrond, and Julien Trousselier.