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  • Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2016
Director Rory Kelleher Joins Chromista For U.S. Representation
Rory Kelleher
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Director Rory Kelleher has come aboard the roster of Chromista--the creative content company launched in 2013 by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and EPs Sandy Haddad, Ted Robbins and Scott Franklin--for U.S. representation.

Formerly handled by production house Joinery, Kelleher has been directing commercials for 10 years and has created spot work for clients including Coors Light, Verizon, Axa, Behr, Crocs and Guinness. He graduated with an honors degree in arts and cinema before making his way to Touchstone Pictures where he worked in design on Reign of Fire. Diversifying into advertising, he was able to bring his cinematic style to commercial production.

Kelleher has won Best Director and Best Animation at Ireland’s ICADS, Gold at New York Advertising Awards and Gold at Kinsale’s Shark Awards. His storytelling range is reflected on projects as diverse as Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear mini-adventures to zombies and evil clowns for Knott’s Berry Farm.

Chromista EP Robbins said of Kelleher, “His knowledge of postproduction elevates his ability to see the project from start to finish.” The director is known for seamlessly incorporating CGI techniques with moving stories and his cinematic style.