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  • Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2016
Director Polina Rabtseva Lands Her 1st Production Co. Roost, Joins Detour Films
Polina (Polly) Rabtseva
  • SANTA MONICA, Calif.
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Director/photographer Polina (Polly) Rabtseva has joined Detour Films for exclusive representation in the U.S. This marks the first production company home for Rabtseva, a Belarus-born filmmaker whose unique visual style has been commissioned for international brands including Mercedes-Benz, Bacardi and Fashion TV--work which she did independently as a freelancer.

Rabtseva is proficient in lighting, camera, editing, sound design and animation. Her modern digital filmmaking embraces a personal touch at every stage of the process. She describes her work as an attempt to distill the purest essence of human emotion through the sculpting of image and sound in time.

Josh Canova, Detour founder and executive producer, described Rabtseva as being “a magnetic, free spirit and gifted artist with an approach that’s pure, unapologetic, and mesmerizing.”

Initially trained as a painter, Rabtseva was drawn to the soft female forms and fantasy settings of Botticelli, Raphael and Michelangelo. Later, as a photographer, she found inspiration in the highly sophisticated, yet raw and seemingly accessible photographic style of Helmut Newton. Rabtseva’s variety of work shows her expanded drive for affectionate storytelling across platforms, individuals, and brands.

Rabtseva said she was “excited to join Detour Films and work alongside such an amazing team of talented and dedicated professionals. I believe that our combined experience and passion for creating beautiful emotive imagery is a perfect foundation for great ideas to bloom.”