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Director Maurizio Zappettini Joins Untitled For 1st U.S. Representation
Maurizio Zappettini
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Commercial director Maurizio Zappettini has landed his first career representation in the U.S., signing with Untitled, Inc., the L.A.-based production house headed by founders/executive producers Jim and Kristin Evans. 

Zappettini most recently completed Fiat’s “Elevator” spot. He is also known for his work on Expedia’s “Cubicle” and Oreo’s “Forest” campaigns. All three have earned recognition at the AICP Show, the Telly and the American Advertising Awards.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maurizio on spots for a range of clients,” said Saatchi and Saatchi creative director/writer Dan Sorgen. “Even though the scripts were tonally diverse, he brought a deft, confident touch to every aspect of the craft. Most importantly, he has an instinct for presenting a product in the best light. In the Fiat spot we made together, he put the sheet metal front and center, without sacrificing the story in any way.”
Zappettini is known for his ability to combine high-concept scripts with meticulous visual style: “My goal is to merge the two worlds; directing commercials that marry an implicit subtext with a strong visual impact.”
In addition to directing, Zappettini has cultivated a sideline career as a VFX supervisor and brings this expertise to his projects: “It’s a subjective approach where you are constantly looking for the perfect balance between digital and practical shots. Visual effects must serve the story without letting the latest technologies blur your vision.”
He attributes his love of short-form storytelling to his beginnings in the music video arena. Previously, Zappettini founded Claw Films, a London-based music video production company. By 2010 Claw boasted a full roster of international directors and expanded with a new digital division, loudcloud.tv. During this time, he produced and directed dozens of projects, including Bazooka’s “Red Aroma” and Filo Q’s debut single “E’ quasi estate,” which was enormously successful and aired nationally in Italy.
Zappettini joins an Untitled roster which includes directors Devon Dickson, Paul Freedman, Steph Green, Grant Heslov, J + J, Brad Kettlety, Jillian Martin, Tamir Moscovici, Nico + Pix, Phedon Papamichael ASC, GSC, Adam Reed, Peter Rodger, Paul Santana, Marc Schölermann and Scott Zacaroli.