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  • Monday, Sep. 11, 2017
Director Brennan Stasiewicz Joins Honor Society For Spots In U.S.
Brennan Stasiewicz
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Bicoastal production company Honor Society has signed director Brennan Stasiewicz for U.S. commercial representation. Stasiewicz has more than 10 years of experience in production, spanning directing, writing, producing and editing across commercials, documentary series and broadcast promos. His diverse background helming both dialogue-driven comedy and emotive documentary work has led to a directorial style that depicts characters through a real world lens. Stasiewicz has lent this character-driven approach to projects for such brands as Cadillac, Samsung, Google, Infiniti, Chevy, Chase Bank, Prudential, Southwest Airlines and Jim Beam, frequently collaborating with top celebrity talent including Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Emma Stone and Jason Sudeikis.

NYC-based Stasiewicz started his career writing for MTV’s On-Air Promos department. He shifted into writing/directing shortly after, working in scripted comedy content for some of the network’s top priorities, including the MTV Movie Awards, the VMAs, cross-promotions for films like I Love You Man and Blades of Glory, as well as a broad range of music image and integrated marketing productions. While also working on broadcast promos for additional networks including Showtime, USA Networks and the Sundance Channel, he made the shift into documentary work, directing and editing a documentary series for an online design magazine on the emergence of new American craftsmanship. After over a decade with MTV, he began directing full time, landing at Interrogate and later Arts & Sciences. In the docu-style space, he created branded content work that peered into renowned craftsmen such as Daphne Guinness, Mast Brothers Chocolate, the architects Roman & Williams and surfer/artist/designer Chris Gentile, among others.

Honor Society executive producer/managing partner Megan Kelly noted, ““Brennan’s ability to embrace risks and tell interesting visual stories truly elevates any kind of creative concept. It’s been great to see how he’s grown as a director over the past few years.”

“Chemistry is everything in filmmaking. Megan and I worked together on my first job with BBDO and teaming back up with her is like coming home to family,” added Stasiewicz. “What she’s done in a year at Honor Society is special in every way.”