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  • Wednesday, May. 18, 2016
Director Antony Hoffman Joins Interrogate For U.S. Representation
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Interrogate has signed director Antony Hoffman for U.S. representation. Hoffman has assorted high-profile ads to his credit, including Fiat’s “The Blue Pill,” which made a major splash on the 2015 Super Bowl telecast, underscoring the filmmaker’s knack for telling engaging--and sometimes delightfully absurd--stories using his nuanced and distinctive visual style.

In his native South Africa, captivated by the tumultuous strife, Hoffman began as a journalist for the International Press Syndicates AP and ITN, documenting anti-apartheid uprisings around Cape Town. His raw and emotional style has since defined his cinematic approach. His subsequent narrative short films brought him to the United States where he began his celebrated commercial career.

Hoffman’s work over the years has earned him multiple Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, and honors at the London Film Festival. He's had a hand in international web campaigns for brands like Toyota’s Avalon series with Idris Elba, and acclaimed work on the iconic Super Bowl “Clydesdales” for Budweiser. Hoffman has been an early pioneer of longer form web content, with notable works for Lamborghini and Mercedes. He has collaborated with many diverse celebrities, including Penelope Cruz, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Beckham, and Antonio Banderas.

Prior to joining Interrogate, Hoffman had been repped by Believe Media.

“Antony’s imaginative filmmaking and nuanced storytelling have made him one of the most prolific directors in the market,” said George Meeker, Interrogate executive producer/partner. “He’s compelled to make films whatever the odds are against him. It’s just that kind of spirit and talent that we’re excited to partner with at Interrogate.”