Sunday, June 24, 2018
  • Monday, Oct. 17, 2016
Directing Duo Peter Martin Joins The Corner Shop
Peter Livolsi (l) and Martin Dix (r) of the directorial duo Peter Martin flank an actor portraying Abraham Lincoln.
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Directorial duo Peter Martin--consisting of Peter Livolsi and Martin Dix--has joined The Corner Shop for spots and branded content in the U.S. Peter Martin had been previously handled by Imperial Woodpecker in the American ad market. 

Livolsi and Dix met years back when the former was attending film school at the American Film Institute while Dix was an agency creative director at Deutsch LA. They came together as a directorial team, gaining initial recognition in 2006 with inclusion in SHOOT’s New Directors Showcase. Peter Martin went on to direct spots for brands such as the BBC, McDonald’s, MTV, Dentyne, Priceline and FedEx. The duo’s work has been recognized by The One Show, Cannes Lions and the London International Awards, among other competitions.

The Corner Shop was founded in 2013 by producer Anna Hashmi and director Peter Thwaites (winner of the DGA Award for commercials in 2009) who were attracted to Peter Martin’s visual and comedic work. The Corner Shop is repped by Resource on the West Coast, Mary Kate Hatfield in the Midwest and Ziegler/Jakubowicz on the East Coast.