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CoMPANY Signs Director Michael Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
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Director Michael Shapiro--whose work spans such clients as Nike, Jeep, AT&T, Starbucks, Energizer, JCPenney, Bank of America and most recently GAP and Goodyear--has joined CoMPANY, the production house headed by executive producers Robin Benson and Richard Goldstein. Shapiro complements a directorial roster that includes Josh Franer, Larry Frey, Brendan Heath, Stewart Maclennan, David McNally, Alex Ogus, Harry Patramanis, Jeff Thomas, Harald Zwart and the Coen brothers.

Shapiro has also diversified his filmmaking exploits beyond spots, having directed the comedy short Jihad as well as episodes of such primetime series as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Soldier of Fortune. Jihad features a conundrum facing two would-be terrorists when one of them finds himself an instant millionaire via a recently purchased lotto ticket. Jihad went on to garner Best Narrative Short--Special Jury Mention at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival.

Prior to joining CoMPANY, Shapiro was with Bully Pictures. His previous roosts include Space Program, GO Film and Cucoloris. Shapiro’s alluded to recent spots for GAP and Goodyear underscore a penchant for capturing people in humorous, very human moments. “Vignettes need direction, sequences that head a particular way,” said Shapiro. “My spot for GAP, ‘Get Dressed,’ started as vignettes showing kids getting dressed. I extended the story, showing the everyday challenge parents have just getting their kids up and ready to face a full, stressful day.” Shapiro concluded the spot with the children coming together for a class picture. In the just wrapped spot for Goodyear titled, “No More Flats,” Shapiro creates a teaser for the company’s soon-to-be-released flat-proof tire technology, showing the escapades drivers will soon miss. “First, there’s recognition that you have a flat tire,” said Shapiro. “Then comes the adventure.”  In the spot, we see drivers pulling over to the side of the road, accessing their spare tires, rediscovering how a jack works, changing tires as cars ominously whiz by, heaving the old tire back into the trunk and finally, getting back into the cars, hands dirty with no towel to be found.

Shapiro is a graduate of both Wharton School of Business and the Graduate Film Program at the University of Michigan. “I went to business school, then to see things differently I attended film school,” related Shapiro. He started his storytelling career directing off-Broadway theater.