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CoMPANY Signs Director Dean Freeman For Spots, Branded Fare
Dean Freeman
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CoMPANY Films, headed by EPs Robin Benson and Richard Goldstein, has signed photographer/filmmaker Dean Freeman for commercials and branding work. Freeman is probably best known for his “freestyle” images of David Beckham, members of the Spice Girls and a worldwide branding campaign (both stills and spots) for Haagen Dazs. Freeman has also photographed and directed branding campaigns for Coca-Cola, American Express, Lenor, Nivea, Bodyform and Zadig & Voltaire.

Freeman, who was previously repped by Hello & Co. in the U.S., has lifestyle and fashion in his DNA. His father Robert Freeman, a designer and photographer, rang in the 1960s shooting album cover photos for the Beatles (With The Beatles, Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul). Dean’s mother, Sonny Drane, modeled the first and now renowned Pirelli calendar, shot by his dad. “Photography ran in my family, so I left school at sixteen and became an assistant photographer at seventeen. I’ve always been about capturing the culture of youth. It started with me photographing friends with innocence and love.”

Freeman recently was tapped to direct and shoot the new Haagen Dazs global campaign titled, “In The Name Of Real,” starring Bradley Cooper. Freeman also just wrapped a lifestyle/branding campaign for Parisian label Zadig & Voltaire, highlighting its youthful but sophisticated fashion line. The director also traveled to Cuba to direct an experimental “The Movement For Movement” campaign. In these vibrant shorts, Freeman chronicles Cuban artists and athletes while creating a stirring anthem for action. “Dancers, boxers, even a Chinese troupe doing Tai Chi,” said Freeman. “I went to Cuba and discovered a culture without smartphones. As a result the people have an amazing, active culture that communicates and expresses itself through art and movement.”

One of Freeman’s picture books, titled Forever Spice, went behind the scenes to see elegant shots of the band members on the precipice of stardom. Freeman also conceived and photographed a picture book of David Beckham just prior to him becoming a global icon. Both books went on to become bestsellers and inspiration to many photographers. “The Spice Girls and Beckham have something in common, they are all inspiring people,” he says. “There is a lot of color and beauty in the world, something I love to capture.”

“Both Richard [Goldstein] and I Love the spirit of his work,” said CoMPANY’s Benson of Freeman. “There’s a freedom and sexiness to his style that is so fresh and appealing, and we also think he has a fascinating life. His parents, his photo books, his films and his travels are extraordinary.”