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  • Tuesday, May. 9, 2017
The Cavalry Signs Syyn Labs For Spots, VR/AR, Experiential Branding
Adam Sadowsky
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Creative collective Syyn Labs has joined the roster of The Cavalry Productions for spots, virtual and augmented reality, and experiential branding. Syyn Labs is probably best known for its physics-based branding spectacle-centered videos and installations. Among the collective’s most notable credits are the Rube Goldberg machine music video for OKGO’s “This Too Shall Pass”--which has earned tens of millions of views and a UK Video Music Award--along with videos and interactive installations for ESPN, Chevrolet, Ford, Allstate, Red Bull, Google, Disney, Sears, Target, and Xbox.

“Talking with Adam (Sadowsky, Syyn Labs president), he has infectious creativity, childlike excitement, and he comes from a place of pure collaboration, offering up awesome, crazy ideas,” said Ross Grogan, Cavalry executive producer. “I was immediately  impressed with their work. I realized that the Cavalry needed to represent Syyn Labs. In an age where we’re tricked into believing something is real through heavy visual effects, Syyn is grounded in reality and the physical world. It’s happening right in front of your eyes and 100 percent authentic and organic.”

For his part, Sadowsky felt on the same page with Grogan and Cavalry EP Tanya Cohen. “We had a fantastic initial conversation,” said Sadowsky. “I told them some of my craziest ideas--things that I haven’t yet had an opportunity to do. They absolutely got it. They clearly shared my enthusiasm for these ideas and what Syyn does. Of course, we do some pretty unusual stuff. But at the same time, we must remain focused on the engagement of our audience and the narrative. After all, story is essential for our projects to achieve that engagement--it’s the way we spread the message for our client brands. Not only do we figure out how to make it work, we make it work so that it has the maximum audience impact.” 

Sadowsky heads a group of Syyn Labs creatives--designers, engineers, scientists--who are all dreamers. The imagination-centric collective first gained recognition for its physics-based stunt videos. “Syyn has an innate ability to brand through their videos and installations,” said Grogan. “They are also very forward thinking in technology, including VR and AR. It’s really the perfect time for Syyn Labs.”

Sadowsky has spoken at a variety of conferences including TED, InkTalks, Google Zeitgeist, CaT, F5, and Web2.0. Earlier Syyn Labs had been repped in the ad arena by Motion Theory.