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  • Wednesday, Jun. 1, 2016
Car Specialist Prodn. Co. Carnage Opens Under Aegis of Ben Hampshire
Ben Hampshire
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Carnage, a production company specializing in advertising and digital content for car brands, has been launched. Backed by Rogue Films and a private equity partner, Carnage is a creative collective including noted directors, producers and key members of the BBC’s original Top Gear team.

The new shop is run by Ben Hampshire, the former managing director of The Mill LA, with commercials director Sam Brown who serves as executive creative director. Directors alongside Brown are Phil Churchward, the series director of Top Gear, Mark Jenkinson, Ehsan B, Richard De Aragues (TT3D: Closer to the Edge), and a range of other directors attached specifically to do car work through Carnage.

The group also includes cinematographers, production designers, stunt coordinators, location managers, precision drivers, and production managers--all united by their professional expertise with car brands, and a genuine love of cars.

Carnage will produce commercials, online content, film and television, digital, experiential, and behind the scenes films. The team will work alongside partner agencies as well as create content directly for clients.

Hampshire said, “After seven years growing The Mill in LA, the opportunity to build a brand from scratch was what lured me back across the pond. I’m a huge petrol head and very excited to be leading this totally unique proposition.”