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BMW's "The Escape" Wins Best of Show at One Screen Film Fest
Clive Owen in BMW Films' "The Escape"
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Geisel Productions and Anonymous Content’s branded BMW Films short The Escape--directed by Neill Blomkamp--took home Best of Show at the One Screen Film Festival awards ceremony on Tuesday night (10/17) at the Sunshine Cinema in New York.

One Screen is part of The One Club for Creativity, the global non-profit organization celebrating creative excellence in advertising and design.  Now in its sixth year, One Screen focuses on all forms and aspects of short films--commercials, music videos, short narratives, spec work, passion projects, movie poster design, credits, etc.--and has a mission to celebrate and award the best of the film and ad industries with no limitation and total artistic freedom, all on one screen.  The festival doubled the number of entries received this year, with work submitted from 45 countries.  

The Escape winning the top honor at this year’s One Screen Fest represents a coming full circle of sorts. The One Club’s One Show was the first ad industry awards competition to recognize original branded content, creating the separate new category of Branded Entertainment in 2003 to accommodate the original launch of BMW Films. Widely regarded as a milestone in the history of branded film, the BMW Films series was also honored in 2010 by The One Club as Best of the Digital Decade.

One Screen Short Film Festival 2017 winners are as follows:

Best in Show
“The Escape” by Geisel Productions and Anonymous Content, New York, USA and BMW Films for BMW (film appears below at end of story)

“Letters from Alcatraz” by Madeline Rozwat, Los Angeles, CA, USA, click here
“The Last Journey of the Enigmatic Paul W.R.” by Lighthouse Films, New York, USA, click here.

“The Unbelievers: Burnell Cotlon” by Voyager Creative, Brooklyn, NY, USA for Bai, click here.

Music Video
“Kolshik” by Great Guns LTD, London, UK, Fancy Shot, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Versus Pictures for the band Leningrad, click here
“The Mother, Daughter and The Lady Spirit” by Pereira & O’Dell, San Francisco, CA, USA, click here

“A Love Story” by CAA Marketing, Los Angeles, CA and Passion Pictures, New York, USA for Chipotle, (film appears below at end of story)
“Cogs” by ZEILT Productions, Foetz, Luxembourg, click here
“Coke Habit” by Dress Code NY Inc., New York, USA, click here.
“Reaction” by dfmn, New York, USA, click here

Branded Entertainment
“Evan” by BBDO New York, USA for Sandy Hook Promise, (film appears below at end of story)
“The World’s Biggest Asshole” by Furlined, Los Angeles, CA and The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA, USA for Donate Life, (film appears below at end of story)
“We Are America” by R/GA, New York, USA for the Ad Council, (film appears below at end of story)

Budget Under $10,000
“Looking Back” by FCB Chicago and Lord + Thomas, Chicago, USA,  click here.
“Notes” by BBDO Toronto and Skin and Bones, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (film appears below at end of story)

Mobile Film
“NYC Blizzard” by Derby Content, New York, USA, click here.
“Never odd or EveN” by Fusion, New York, USA, click here.

Title and End Credit Sequence
“Style Frames NYC Opening” by Hornet, New York, USA, click here.
“Semi Permanent Festival 2017” by Framestore, New York, USA, click here.
“Possibilia” by eko, New York, USA,  click here.

“Broken Night” by eko, New York, USA, click here.

Movie Poster
“Shutterstock Pop Poster Series: ‘Fences’ ” by Shutterstock, New York, USA
“Shutterstock Pop Poster Series: ‘Lion’ ” by Shutterstock, New York, USA
“Shutterstock Pop Poster Series: ‘Hidden Figures’ ” by Shutterstock, New York, USA

Emerging Director (less than three years experience)
“Hope Inside the Fire” by Bennett Johnson, New York, USA, click here.
“Bolt vs. Flame” by Barry Company, São Paulo, Brazil for Nissan, click here.
“Hikari” by Mindcastle, Seattle, WA, USA, click here.

Emerging Writer (less than three years experience)
“CNN Colorscope Blue” by Dr. James Fox, New York, USA, click here.

“Deuspi” by Quad Productions, click here.

One Screen partnerships: San Diego International Film Festival and Free The Bid
This year for the first time, One Screen partnered with the San Diego Film Foundation, producers of the San Diego International Film Festival, which last week screened entries from the One Screen Branded Entertainment category and selected their own winners, who were presented with a SDiFF award.  

Aligned with The One Club for Creativity’s ongoing focus to promote diversity and inclusion, One Screen also introduced a new partnership this year with Free The Bid, a non-profit initiative started last year advocating on behalf of women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global ad industry. 

A separate 10-person jury made up of leading agency/brand creatives and directors selected winners of the One Screen Free The Bid Awards, celebrating stellar work created by women and amplifying the call for diversity in the industry.

“One Screen grew significantly in a number of different ways this year,” said Jonathan Jirjis, executive producer, One Screen.  “We managed to double the number of entries from around the world, and secured  the involvement and support of the San Diego International Film Festival and Free The Bid.  Having highly accomplished jurors like Paul Haggis also illustrates how the film industry has embraced the awards.”

He added that One Screen has become a showcase for the passion projects of accomplished filmmakers, as well as a high-visibility forum to recognize promising young talent.  “We’re thrilled with the range and quality of work submitted this year and congratulate all of our 2017 winners,” he said.

One Screen-Free The Bid Award winners celebrating women in film are as follows:

Free The Bid-Commercials
“This Girl Can - Phenomenal Women” by Somesuch, London, UK, click here.
“The Swim“ by Knucklehead, Los Angeles, CA, USA, for Visa, click here.
“Change the Story” by RadicalMedia, click here.

Free The Bid-Branded Content
“Club 99.7” by Bacon and RSA Films, click here.

Free The Bid-Music Video
“The Gospel” by Little Minx, Santa Monica, CA, USA, click here.

Free The Bid-Cinematography
“Nike + TKA Twigs ‘Do You Believe In More’ ” by Academy+, London, UK, click here.

Free The Bid-New Women Director
“La Madre Buena (The Good Mother)” by Sarah Craft for Madrefoca, Mexico City, Mexico, click here.


Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client BMW Agency Geisel Productions Bruce Bildsten, David Carter, creative directors/writers; Bran DiLorenzo, executive producer; Adam Davis, sr. integrated producer; Patrick O’Brien, producer. Production Anonymous Content Neill Blomkamp, director; Eric Stern, managing director/exec producer; SueEllen Clair, exec producer; Kerry Haynie, head of production; Aristides McGarry, producer; Guy Norris, action supervisor/2nd unit director; Manoel Ferreira, DP; Gerald Sullivan, production designer; Sara D’Alessio, production manager; Jennifer Duffy, production coordinator. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors Angus Wall, supervising editor; Austyn Daines, Julian Clark, Devin Maurer, editors; Martin Hsieh, cutting assistant; Helena Lee, Jennifer Sofio Hall, exec producers; Dina Ciccotello, producer. Music Kristopher Pooley Finishing/VFX  a52, Santa Monica, Calif. Patrick Murphy, lead Flame artist; Urs Furrer, Richard Hirst, Michael Plescia, Michael Vagilenty, Adam Flynn, Enid Dalkoff, Cam Combs, Flame artists, Flame artists; Heather Johann, producer; Kim Christensen, head of prodn; Patrick Nugent, EP.
(Toolbox: Flame, After Effects) The Embassy VFX, Vancouver, B.C. David Casey, head of commercial prodn; Michael Blackbourn, VFX supervisor; Winston Helgason, EP; Danielle Kinsey, VFX producer; Annie-Claude Lapierre, VFX project mgr; Paul Copeland, asset lead; Karinga Wells, animation rigging; David Pekarek, CG generalist; Dmitri Bajanov, Gueschem Degni, Himanshu Joshi, Simon van de Legemaat, Yonathan Ponce de Leon, Kelsey Ayukawa, Marc-Andre Gray, Nikolai Michaleski, compositors. Main titles Elastic, Santa Monica, Calif.
Angus Wall, creative dir; Charles Khoury, art director; Pete Sickbert-Bennet, designer; Dan Meehan, Charles Khoyury, Earl Burnley, animators/compositors; Heather Johann, producer; Kim Christensen, head of prodn; Jennifer Sofio Hall, managing dir.. Color Company 3 Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist; Rhubie Jovanov, exec producer. Audio Mix Formosa Group Mix Mark Mangini, audio engineer. Sound Design David Whitehead.

Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client Chipotle Agency CAA Marketing Production/Animation Passion Pictures Saschka Unseld, director; Katy Wu, art director; Debbie Crosscup, Ryan Goodwin-Smith, executive producers; Sibylle Preuss, producer; Neil Riley, VFX supervisor; Christian Mills, CG supervisor; Wesley Coman, Chris Welsby, Aldo Gagliardi, Cath Brooks, Catherine Elvidge, Karin Matteson, Scott Bono, animation; Katy Wu, Amandine Pecharman, character & production design; Davide Saraceno, graphic designer; Ian Matthews, Katreena Erin Bowell, David Domingo Jimenez, Leigh Van Der Byl, Louise Chassain, Sara Diaz, Stuart Hall, Arkin Esfref, Alex Holman, David Watson, Camille Perrin, Patrick Kraft, Roxanne Maratinez, texture & shading; Morgan Evans, Matteo Nibbi, Giulia Dell’Armi, rigging; Jamie Franks, Colin Perrett, Kwai Keung Ip, Junaid Syed, Antonios Deftarios, Guillaume Zaouche, Gabriele Veronese, Matt Moyes, Robin Nordenstein, Alice Jarre, VFX; Christian Mills, Richard Moss, Stuart Hall, Adrian Russell, Patrick Kraftt, Alex Holman, Roxanne Martinez, David Watson, Nikolay Kulishev, Simon Maddocks, Francois Pons, light & render; Johnny Still, Andre Bittencourt, Raphael Theolade, Valeria Romano, Javier Cid, Alex Grey, compositing; Jay Boose, animation supervisor; Joost Zoetebier, Suzanne Forward, CG coordinators; Paige Sullivan, production assistant. Postproduction Technicolor Postworks NY Max Horton, colorist. Music Blake Mills, producer; Brittany Howard, Jim James, music performance.

Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client Sandy Hook Promise Agency BBDO New York David Lubars, chief creative officer, worldwide; Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, NY; Peter Alsante, creative director; Bryan Stokely, copywriter; Martin Zelcs, art director; Julian Katz, group executive producer; Sean Stogner, communications planning director. Production Smuggler Henry-Alex Rubin, director; Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, partners; Drew Santarsiero, exec producer; Leah Allina producer; Ken Seng, DP. Postproduction NO6 Jason Macdonald, editor; Nick Schneider, additional editor; Corina Dennison, exec producer; Malia Rose, post producer; Ed Skupeen, Mark Reyes, Flame artists; Stuart Wheeler, colorist. Audio Post Heard City Stefano Campbello, Evan Mangiamele, mixers; Sasha Awn, exec producer.

Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client Donate Life Agency The Martin Agency Joe Alexander, chief creative officer; Wade Alger, David Vogeleer, Brig White, Miranda Morgan, copywriters; Will Godwin, designer; Jill McGrath, sr. digital producer; Steve Humble, broadcast producer. Production Furlined Speck and Gordon, directors/exec producers; Diane McArter, president/exec producer; David Thorne, sr. exec producer; Jay Wakefield, exec producer; Greg Schultz, line producer; Jeff Cutter, DP; Andrew Reznik, production designer. Editorial Cut+Run Graham Turner, editor; Carl Schilling, exec producer, editorial. Color/VFX The Mill Adam Scott, colorist; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer, color; Robin McGloin, lead Flame artist; Don Kim, additional 2D artist; Jordan Sharon, VFX producer; Tim Davies, VFX supervisor; Pat DeVaney, production coordinator. Sound Design Lime Studios Jeff Malen, sound designer; Susie Boyajan, exec producer, sound. Music Duotone Audio Group, bicoastal David Leinheardt, managing director; Jack Livesey, Peter Nashel, executive creative directors; Ross Hopman, exec producer/arranger; Jordan Lieb, arranger. Giovanni Lobato, producer; Music composed by Coldplay and performed by Civil Brother Audio Post Lime Studios, Santa Monica Jeff Malen, mixer Performers Thomas Jane as “Coleman Sweeney”; Will Arnett, voiceover. 

Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client Ad Council Agency R/GA Nick Law, global chief creative officer; Eric Jannon, Chris Northam, group executive creative directors; Thomas Darlow, Rene Van Wonderen, Lucia Orlandi, associate creative directors; Bethany Kennedy, sr. visual designer; Ria McIlwraith, designer; Tessa Ndiaye, experience designer; Emily Uram, jr. art director; Lukas Pearson, jr. copywriter; Cindy Pound, executive production director; Jeff Skutnik, executive campaign producer; Lucas Dennison, digital producer; Kat Friis, executive production director, content; Leanne Diamond, post producer; Ashlye Vaughan, sr. content producer. Production MJZ Rocky Morton, director; Emma Wilcockson, exec producer; Larry Shure, line producer; David Lanzeberg, DP. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors Dan de Winter, editor. Original Music Human Phillip Glass, composer. Music Supervision wool and tusk Audio Post Nylon Studios David Robertson, mixer. Postproduction Nice Shoes Chris Ryan, colorist; Jason Farber, Flame artist.


Credits for ScreenWork: 

Client Take Note Agency BBDO Toronto Chris Booth, Joel Pylpiw, VPs/associate creative directors; Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie, SVPs/executive creative directors; Beatrice Bodogh, producer. Production Skin & Bones Chris Booth, Joel Pylpiw, directors; Chelsea Strachan, producer; Kris Belchevski, DP. Editorial Saints Brian Williams, offline editor. Transfer & Online Alter Ego David Whiteson, online editor; Tricia Hagoriles, colorist. Music & Sound Design Imprint Music Fraser MacDougall, Tim White