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  • Wednesday, May. 11, 2016
Arts & Sciences Adds Director Brennan Stasiewicz
Brennan Stasiewicz
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Director Brennan Stasiewicz has joined Arts & Sciences for U.S. representation. His work spans such clients as American Airlines, Cadillac, Samsung, Jim Beam, Toyota and Lincoln.

Stasiewicz’s credits also include a number of stylized short non-fiction and fiction films. His most recent film, the short documentary A Beholden Purpose, looks into the conceptual process of painter Brad Kunkle, who mixes oil painting with gold and silver leaf to create images of women often in states of transcendence, while exploring the idea of purpose and female symbolism in our contemporary world.   

“I want to experience the world clearly and honestly and in the moment without distraction; that’s when I’m most alive, and I want to feel that moment in my bones — total connection,” said Stasiewicz. “If I can transfer even a fraction of that feeling, that connection and clarity into my work, then I think I’m doing my part well.” 

Stasiewicz started his career as a promo writer for MTV where he learned the craft of filmmaking and started directing. From there he moved on to the world of commercials. He’s directed actors including Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Emma Stone and Jason Sudeikis, and musicians including Weezer, Kid Rock, Ne-Yo and Aesop Rock. Stasiewicz is based in New York and Stockholm. Prior to joining Arts & Sciences, he was handled by Interrogate for commercials and branded content.

“Brennan has a fantastic ability to connect audiences with honest moments, be they dramatic, humorous or both,” said Mal Ward, managing director, Arts & Sciences. “His strong visual style and ability to craft emotionally resonate non-fiction or dramatic stories is what really drew us to him.”