Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The State of Representation

Welcome to the SHOOT "State of Representation" Survey Feature Submission Form

You are among a select group of independent reps invited to be part of this survey feature and we would love to have you participate! (Only those invited to participate should respond; invitation is not transferable)

You may be familiar with our Editorial Survey Featues that regularly include Ad Agency Creatives & Producers, Production Company Heads, Directors, Editors, Colorists, etc.   We thought that it would be interesting to focus one of these very popular survey features on Reps.  While you and your peers help artists connect with commerce, reps have an art all their own when it comes to garnering the right projects for the right filmmaking talent spanning production, postproduction, visual effects, editorial, music and sound design, among other disciplines. In this Survey Feature, SHOOT asks reps about the art and business of representation to get a gauge on the state of the industry and an ever evolving marketplace.  We know that our audience of commercial and entertainment production and postproduction decison-makers will be interested in reading what you and the other participants have to say.  

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>The Final Deadline to Submit Your Information & Responses is Wednesday, July 20, midnight PST
>Your responses will appear the end of the week of July 25th with your Name, Title, Rep Firm Name and headshot in article that will appear across all SHOOT digital platforms -- SHOOTonline (website/40,000 monthly unique visitors,) The SHOOT Dailies (email newsletter with 3,500 opt-in subscribers) & The SHOOT>e.dition (email newsletter with 28,000 opt-in subscribers). 

We appreciate you taking the time to provide your perspective.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or phone: 203/227-1699, ext 13

Best regards, Roberta Griefer
Publisher & Editorial Director

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