Monday, December 10, 2018

2016 Production & Post Execs "Year in Perspective" Survey

Welcome to SHOOT's "Year in Perspective" Survey

You are among a select group of commercial & entertainment production/post industry company owners, partners and managing directors invited to participate in this survey to help us put 2016 into context--we're anxious to hear your reflections on what the year has meant to the industry at large, spanning entertainment and advertising as well as identifying the most significant creative, business and strategic trends and developments. We'd love to get your insights and feedback into what transpired this past year and what lessons can be learned in terms of tackling future challenges. (Survey participation is by invitation only & not transferable; only invited executives should respond)

Survey responses will appear in the "Year in Perspective" article that will run across all of our digital platforms--SHOOTonline, the SHOOT>e.dition and the SHOOT Dailies on December 16th.  

While we hope that you will answer all of the questions below, please make sure to answer at least two of the first four questions and stay within the word count limits.  The last question is totally optional....SHOOT turns 56 this December and we are always interested to hear how long our readers have been reading SHOOT.  We appreciate your readership whether you've become a reader recently or you've been reading SHOOT throughout your career!

The FINAL deadline for submitting responses is Monday, December 12th, 9:00PM PST.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your business and the industry.  
Warm regards,
Roberta Griefer, Publisher & Editorial Director - Contact via email
Bob Goldrich, Editor - Contact via email 

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